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Oven and Stove Door Sealing Gaskets - High Temperature Heat Resistant Fiberglass

Pyrolytic Self Cleaning Oven Door Gasket Seals

For temperatures up to 1200F

These gaskets are heat treated which results in an extremely clean surface which does not shed fibers.  These gaskets are commonly used for pyrolytic self-cleaning ovens and stoves.  Three versions are available:

·  Hollow fiberglass rope with a hollow metal mesh core and clip mounting - offering high compression,
   low compression set and excellent push-back. (photo on right)
·  Tadpole with a hollow metal mesh core - offering high compression, low compression set
   and excellent push-back. (photo below right)
·  Solid metal mesh rope with heat cleaned fiberglass overbraid. Excellent push back. (photo below left)

End finishing:  Typically a hole is made in the metal work where the end of the gasket can be inserted, thereby restraining movement and preventing fray.  No further finihing is usually required or necessary.  If not using a termination hole, users can finish the ends if desired by using a hog ring, tie wire or metal zip tie.

Self Cleaning Oven Door Gasket Seal Rope
Self Cleaning Oven Door Tadpole Gasket Seal
Industrial Commercial Oven Door Gasket Seal

Gasket Rope Mounted on Oven Door
Gasket Rope Mounted on Door Frame
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