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Counterfeit Materials Avoidance Policy

AB Technology Group takes the issue of counterfeit components and raw materials seriously and actively monitors industry trends and developments with respect to counterfeit component avoidance.
AB Technology Group’ existing counterfeit avoidance measures are based on two key protocols:
Use of authorized/franchised sources. The vast majority of raw materials & components purchased by AB Technology Group are purchased from authorized/franchised sources. This direct sourcing from manufacturer approved vendors ensures that any potential exposure to counterfeit components is extremely unlikely.
Use of qualified non-authorized sources only. Where and when the use of non-authorized sources for raw materials & components becomes necessary, AB Technology Group only sources from qualified, reputable vendors for these components. Such purchases are restricted to vendors with robust quality management systems, counterfeit avoidance systems, and laboratory analysis capabilities. Where deemed necessary, AB Technology Group will request laboratory analysis data from those vendors to confirm the authenticity of the materials & components.

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Updated Nov 20 2018

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