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Electrically Conductive Silicone RTV Adhesives - EMI RFI Applications

These are electrically conductive moisture curing silicone rubber 1-part RTV adhesives developed for EMI/RFI applications requiring fast development of physical properties.  When cured, the elastomer resists weathering, ozone, moisture, UV and high temperatures.

Offered with Nickel Graphite filler, Silver filler and silver coated aluminum filler.

US-EC-72-1016: Nickel Graphite filler (offset product)                       Catalog Page
US-EC-75: Nickel Graphite filler                                                        Catalog Page
US-EC-75HF: High Flexibility Nickel Graphite filler                            Catalog Page
US-EC-78: Silver filler                                                                      Catalog Page
US-EC-81-1075: Silver Coated Aluminum filler (offset product)          Catalog Page
US-EC-81HF: High Flexibility Silver Coated Aluminum filler              Catalog Page

Electrically Conductive RTV Silicone EMI RFI Gaskets
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