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Fabrics are used in various applications for protection against heat, flame, fire, welding splatter, molten metal splash, spark exposure.

Fabrics are used to fabricate curtains, shields, wraps, removeable blankets, and also slit to result in economical tapes.

Raw fabrics are used for welding and hot work, easily draped over nearby equipment and assets to protect wires, cables, hoses and tubing from unwanted exposure.

Fiberglass 1 side Silicone Coated Heavy Duty

Fiberglass 1 side coated Medium Duty

Fiberglass with Silicone 2 side coated

Fiberglass with 1 side silicone 1 side aluminized

Fiberglass Plain

Fiberglass with soft PTFE

Fiberglass with PTFE Resin

Fiberglass Tacky Cloth

Fiberglass with Vermiculite

Fiberglass Silica Blend

Stainless Steel Inconel Mesh

Fiberglass Weld Shield



Fiberglass with Aluminum Foil

Fiberglass with Aluminized PET

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