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Firesleeve with Metal Snap Closure

High Temperature, Heat & Flame Resistant, Radiant Heat Reflective Protection for Wire, Cables, Hoses and Tubing with Metal Snap Closure

500°F / 260°C Continuous Exposure
800°F / 426°C Short Term Exposure
2200°F / 1205°C Excursions
3000°F / 1650°C Peak Exposure

SnapSleeveTM high temperature, heat, flame, pyro and fire resistant sleeve and jacket provides molten splash & weld splatter protection to wires, cables, hoses, tubes and pipes.  SnapSleeveä provides a field installable protection sleeve utilizing metal snaps instead of hook and loop closure strips.

SnapSleeve with its metal closures can endure the most demanding of liquid metal splash and heavy weld splatter, and may be more suitable than a hook and loop closure for some applications. This sleeve also provides energy savings and personnel protection.

Snaps are typically installed at 4 or 6 inch spacing along the sleeve.  Additional snaps may easily be field installed to allow for unique bends or extra closure protection.

Available in sizes from 1" through 12" ID.  Other larger sizes available.

Meets 14 CFR 25.869(a)(4); Appendix F, Part 1(b)(7) (60-degree flammability Test).

Firesleeve with metal snap closure
Firesleeve with metal snap closure

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Firesleeve with Hook and Loop closure - By-the-foot pricing - Oxide-Red or Black color
Firesleeve with Snap Closure
Firesleeve with mettalic snap closure allows the sleeve to be installed and removed at will. Pricing is by-the-foot in a continuous length. For example for a 14 foot length make the order quantity 14. Color Oxide-red or Black. Sizes larger than 5" ID have a sewn seam. For other colors or lengths call our order desk.
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Part numbers:

S-FS-SNAP-M013-08, S-FS-SNAP-M015-09, S-FS-SNAP-M016-10, S-FS-SNAP-M019-12, S-FS-SNAP-M022-14, S-FS-SNAP-M025-16, S-FS-SNAP-M029-18, S-FS-SNAP-M032-20, S-FS-SNAP-M035-22, S-FS-SNAP-M038-24, S-FS-SNAP-M041-26, S-FS-SNAP-M044-28, S-FS-SNAP-M048-30, S-FS-SNAP-M051-32, S-FS-SNAP-M057-36, S-FS-SNAP-M064-40, S-FS-SNAP-M067-42, S-FS-SNAP-M070-44, S-FS-SNAP-M073-46, S-FS-SNAP-M076-48, S-FS-SNAP-M083-52, S-FS-SNAP-M089-56, S-FS-SNAP-M095-60, S-FS-SNAP-M102-64, S-FS-SNAP-M114-72, S-FS-SNAP-M127-80, S-FS-SNAP-M133-84, S-FS-SNAP-M140-88, S-FS-SNAP-M146-92, S-FS-SNAP-M152-96, S-FS-SNAP-M159-100, S-FS-SNAP-M165-104, S-FS-SNAP-M171-108, S-FS-SNAP-M178-112, S-FS-SNAP-M184-116, S-FS-SNAP-M191-120, S-FS-SNAP-M197-124, S-FS-SNAP-M203-128, S-FS-SNAP-M210-132, S-FS-SNAP-M216-136, S-FS-SNAP-M222-140, S-FS-SNAP-M229-144, S-FS-SNAP-M235-148, S-FS-SNAP-M241-152, S-FS-SNAP-M248-156, S-FS-SNAP-M254-160, S-FS-SNAP-M260-164, S-FS-SNAP-M267-168, S-FS-SNAP-M273-172, S-FS-SNAP-M279-176, S-FS-SNAP-M286-180, S-FS-SNAP-M292-184, S-FS-SNAP-M298-188, S-FS-SNAP-M305-192

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