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Gasket tape Adhesive Mounting spray for pipe duct and door flanges

Service temperature 32°F to 158°C

FlangeStik™ is a butyl rubber adhesive spray which can be applied to metalwork such as pipe duct and access door flanges to aid in holding gaskets in place during the installation process.

The adhesive will vaporize if it reaches temperatues above 158C - ventilation precautions should be taken until it has completely vaporized.

The adhesive can be applied to the metalwork or the gasket material, or both.

Good aggressive adhesive.  Other adhesive types are available such as acrylic and silicone - please inquire.

Users should be aware that some facilities do not allow silicone based adhesives especially in paint booth or paint shop operations..

Gasket tape Adhesive Mounting spray pipe duct door flange
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