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Hose - Sanitary and Steam Applications - Summary

hoses sanitary steam 250 psi

Hose - Sanitary and Steam - EPDM Hose - 250 PSI

Rugged wire-braid reinforced steam hose for saturated and super-heated steam applications in a variety of applications including chemical plants, industrial plants, shipyards.

Standard lengths are 50 feet for sizes 1/2" through 2".  100 feet for lengths 2 1/2 and 3".  100 foot length also available for the 1 1/2" size.

Do not alternate use between steam and water.  Drain hose after each use for maximum hose life.

Tech Data:
Tube:                       Black, EPDM, heat-resistant
Cover:                      Black, EPDM, pinpriced for early failure detection
Reinforcement:         Multiple steel wire plies
Safety Factor:           10:1
Working Pressure:    Up to 1230 PSI
Temperature:           -40F to 450F for sizes 1/2" through 1".  -40F to 410F for sizes 2" through 3"
Marking:                  2 WIRE BRAID STEAM HOSE - 250 PSI WP - 450 DEGREES F

Hose - Sanitary and Steam - Wine/Juice/Beverage EPDM Hose - 150 PSI

This winery hose has a smooth tube and cover, formulated for the suction and delivery of wine, fruit juice, soft drinks and other beverages.

The hose has a white, smooth EPDM tube to ensure food quality and is odorless and does not alter taste.

Its high working temperature allows for the sterilization of the hose with steam at 230°F for 30 minutes.  Flush prior to initial use.

Meets FDA title 21 part 177.2600(e) for liquid foods, BfR, ADI free, EC 1935 / 2004.

Standrad length is 100 feet.  Available in cut lengths:  By-the-foot and by-the-yard.

Tech Data:
Tube:                       White, EPDM
Cover:                      Gray, EPDM
Reinforcement:         High strength synthetic plies with steel wire spirals
Safety Factor:           3:1
Working Pressure:    Up to 150 PSI
Temperature:           -40F to 248F
Marking:                  WINERY HOSE 150 PSI (10BAR) W/P TEMP -40F to 248F (-40 to 120C) STERILIZATION AT 230F for 30 MINS FDA BFR ADI FREE

hoses sanitary steam 250 psi
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