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Pricing on the PDF catalog page for this product has been updated for 2022

Skived PTFE Non-Stick Tape with Self Adhesive - MIL-I-23594C / MIL-I-59474 / A-A-59474 High Temperature Heat Resistant Type 1 Class 1, Type 1 Class 2 & Type 1 Class 4

500°F / 260°C Continuous Exposure: Higher Intermittent

Tuff-Flexä tape provides a smooth non-stick surface and is used on production line runners and guides for easy product and parts conveyance.  Also used as an electrical insulation tape for high insulation and high temperature performance. Used as an insulation buffer for RF sealing, and as a surface cover on L Bar, Impulse and Bag sealers.

Tape is made by skiving solid PTFE. Available with and without backing media on the adhesive side.  Produced with silicone adhesive.

This tape is highly conformable around splices and connectors.

Type 1 Class 2 tape is .006" thick including adhesive.

Standard tape widths are .5, .75, 1, 1.25, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3 inches. Custom widths are available up to 19" wide. We slit the tape from master logs.

Meets MIL-I-23594C / MIL-I-59474 / AA-59474 specifications - Type 1 Class 1, Type 1 Class 2 and Type 1 Class 4.

What is the difference between these classes?  Its the thickness of the substrate material - which effects the dielectric rating.  T1C1 is 7800 Volts, T1C2 is 10000 Volts, T1C4 is 13000 Volts.

MILI23594 MILI59474 AA-59474 Skived PTFE tape with adhesive
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