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Northrup Grumman GS530BH Equivalent Firesleeve - SAE AS1072E Aerospace/Aviation Grade for Wire, Cable and Hose Protection from high temperature, heat, flame & fire

Allows qualified hose assemblies to pass AS1055D

500°F / 260°C Continuous Exposure;  2200°F / 1205°C Excursions;  3000°F / 1650°C Peak Short Term Exposure

Northrup Grumman GS530BH equivalent aviation / aerospace grade high temperature, heat, flame and pyro resistant firesleeve jacket  is manufactured to SAE AS1072E standards so it can pass the fire testing standards of AS1055D; and the requirements of FAA TSO - C53a and TSO - C75.

It may be used for all fuel, oil, hydraulic, fire extinguisher and prop feathering lines. "Fire-proof" hose lines, as defined by the FAA, must withstand a direct flame for fifteen minutes under specified flow conditions without failure. Fire-resistant lines must withstand a 5 minute exposure under these conditions.

Fire-proof hose lines are obtained when the proper size Firesleeve is selected and properly assembled with appropriate clamps.

Standard colors are oxide-red and black - other popular colors are silver-grey, blue, yellow and green.  Available in sizes ranging from 0.25" Inside Diameter through 5" I.D. in 25 size steps.

Part Numbers (with SAE marking):

GS530BH250,  GS530BH312,  GS530BH375,  GS530BH438,  GS530BH500,  GS530BH562,  GS530BH625,  GS530BH688,  GS530BH750,  GS530BH812,  GS530BH875,  GS530BH1000,  GS530BH1125,  GS530BH1250,  GS530BH1375,  GS530BH1500,  GS530BH1625,  GS530BH1750,  GS530BH1875,  GS530BH2000,  GS530BH2250,  GS530BH2375,  GS530BH2500,  GS530BH2625,  GS530BH2750,  GS530BH2875,  GS530BH3000,  GS530BH3250,  GS530BH3500,  GS530BH3750,  GS530BH4000,  GS530BH4500,  GS530BH5000,  GS530BH6000

northrup grumman gs530bh aerospace firesleeve
SAE AS1072 Aviation Firesleeve Hose Protection
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