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Abrasion, Wear and Blowout Protection Nylon Sleeve for Wire, Cable, Hose, Tubing and Pipe Protection

375°F / 190°C Continuous Exposure: Higher Intermittent

ScuffSleeveä nylon abrasion resistance sleeve for hoses and cables that are moved regularly or flex in operation.

The standard sleeve is fabricated from a tight and dense weave of nylon, with a high denier count of 1050.  Often referred to as "ballistic Nylon".

Available in 75, 150 and 300 foot lengths.

Part Numbers: S-NY-APS-0.67-M017-11, S-NY-APS-0.79-M020-13, S-NY-APS-0.91-M023-15, S-NY-APS-0.98-M024-16, S-NY-APS-1.06-M026-17, S-NY-APS-1.22-M030-20, S-NY-APS-1.42-M036-23, S-NY-APS-1.57-M039-26, S-NY-APS-1.73-M043-28, S-NY-APS-1.85-M047-30, S-NY-APS-2.17-M055-35, S-NY-APS-2.36-M059-38, S-NY-APS-2.62-M066-42, S-NY-APS-2.87-M072-46, S-NY-APS-3.14-M080-48, S-NY-APS-3.66-M092-59, S-NY-APS-3.94-M100-63, S-NY-APS-4.41-M112-70, S-NY-APS-4.94-M125-80, S-NY-APS-5.75-M146-92
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