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Abrasion, Wear and Blowout Protection Nylon Braided Monofilament Sleeve for Wire, Cable, Hose, Tubing and Pipe Protection

375°F / 190°C Continuous Exposure: Higher Intermittent

ScuffSleeveä Nylon MonoBraid abrasion resistance sleeve for protection of hoses and cables that are moved regularly or flex in operation.

Two versions of the sleeve are available: .020" round (2500 abrasion cycle rated) and .050" flattened (4400 abrasion cycle rated).

Available in bulk spool lengths and smaller shop spool lengths.

Nylon Braided Filament Abrasion Blowout Protection Sleeve for Hydraulic Hoses Lines
Nylon Braided Flattened Filamant Abrasion Protection Sleeve wire cable hose protection
Part Numbers: S-NY-APS-ES20-0.25-M006-04, S-NY-APS-ES20-0.50-M013-08, S-NY-APS-ES20-0.75-M019-12, S-NY-APS-ES20-1.00-M025-16, S-NY-APS-ES20-1.25-M032-20, S-NY-APS-ES20-1.75-M044-28, S-NY-APS-ES20-2.25-M057-36; S-NY-APS-ES50-0.50-M013-08, S-NY-APS-ES50-0.75-M019-12, S-NY-APS-ES50-1.00-M025-16, S-NY-APS-ES50-1.25-M032-20, S-NY-APS-ES50-1.75-M044-28, S-NY-APS-ES50-2.00-M057-36
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