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Thermal Insulated Sleeve Wrap for Pipe and Hose - Heat Loss and Freeze Protection - OSHA Burn Protection

200°F / 93°C High Temperature Heat Resistant Thermal Insulating - Also Freeze Protection

Custom fabricated insulated tape wrap  for pipe, hose and line protection: heat loss and freeze protection.  Provides personnel protection to meet OSHA requirements.

Available in a 600 nylon outer fabric with Urethane coating; 1000 nylon outer fabric with coating; Polyester fabric with a PVC coating.

All provide abrasion resistance to protect hoses while moving or pulling them over surfaces and objects.

The insulation layer is a double sided aluminized PET film sandwich with a poly closed cell core.

May be installed longitudinally or spirally over pipes, hoses, wires and cables.

Roll length is 150 feet. May be cut in the field to shorter lengths.

Insulated Sleeve Wraps for Pipes Hoses
thermal insulated polyester sleeve wrap for pipes and hoses
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Part Numbers:
S-APS-HLFP-VCL-M038-24-BN10, S-APS-HLFP-VCL-M051-32-BN10, S-APS-HLFP-VCL-M064-40-BN10, S-APS-HLFP-VCL-M076-48-BN10, S-APS-HLFP-VCL-M089-56-BN10, S-APS-HLFP-VCL-M114-72-BN10, S-APS-HLFP-VCL-M127-80-BN10, S-APS-HLFP-VCL-M152-96-BN10, S-APS-HLFP-VCL-M178-112-BN10
S-APS-HLFP-VCL-M038-24-BN15, S-APS-HLFP-VCL-M051-32-BN15, S-APS-HLFP-VCL-M064-40-BN15, S-APS-HLFP-VCL-M076-48-BN15, S-APS-HLFP-VCL-M089-56-BN15, S-APS-HLFP-VCL-M114-72-BN15, S-APS-HLFP-VCL-M127-80-BN15, S-APS-HLFP-VCL-M152-96-BN15, S-APS-HLFP-VCL-M178-112-BN15
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