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Thermocouple Temperature Sensing Wire

Thermocouples (or thermoelectrical thermometer) are used to measure temperatures.  Thermocouples are made from two dissimilar metal wires that are joined together at one end - which produces a voltage that is proportional to the temperature.  Thermocouples are self powered.

Thermocouples are widely used in industrial and commercial applications in kilns, gas turbine engines and many hot process applications involving heated or liquid metals.

Thermocouple Types

Combinations of alloys have become standardized.  There are two main types:
    Nickel-alloy thermocouples (Type E, Type J, Type K, Type M, Type N, Type T).
    Platinum/rhodium-alloy thermocouples (Type B, Type R and Type S).  

    Tungsten/rhenium alloy thermocouples are also in use: (Type C, Type D, Type G).
Thermocouple Wire
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