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Asphalt Plant Burner Flame Sensor Cable Protection Sleeve

Asphalt plant burner flame sensor cables can be exposed to temperatures above their design limits.  Aside from the cost of the flame sensor, the associated down time with changing it out can be costly too.

Asphalt plant maintenance personnel report that covering the flame sensor cables or conduit with a section of firesleeve extends the service life of the sensors.

If you can insert the sleeve at the time of changeout, then the sleeve can be used without modification, and a simple band clamp or hose clamp can hold it in place on the sensor side.

If you are adding the sleeve as a retrofit without disconnecting the sensor cable, then you can either slit the firesleeve and wrap it over the cable, and hold it in place with metal tie wraps every 6 inches or so, or with clamps.

A firesleeve with metal snap fasteners is also available, allowing for easy installation and removel. (web page for snap fastener firesleeve)

Most plants report the 1 or 1 1/8 ID size sleeve as the best size.

Asphalt plant flame sensor protection sleeve
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