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Firesleeve - DIN EN ISO15540 complaint for marine Wire, Cable and Hose Protection from high temperature, heat, flame & fire

500°F / 260°C Continuous Exposure
800°F / 426°C Short Term Exposure
2200°F / 1205°C Excursions
3000°F / 1650°C Peak Exposure

FlameShield marine grade high temperature, heat, flame and pyro resistant firesleeve jacket is manufactured to DIN EN ISO15540 standards. Meets 14 CFR 25.869(a)(4); Appendix F, Part 1(b)(7) (60-degree flammability Test).

Used to protect fuel, oil, hydraulic, and fire extinguisher lines.

Standard colors are oxide-red and black - other popular colors are silver-grey, blue, yellow and green.  Available in sizes ranging from 0.25" Inside Diameter through 5" I.D. in 25 size steps.

SAE AS1072 Firesleeve
SAE as1072 sil fg aerospace firesleeve
SAE AS1072 Aviation Firesleeve Hose Protection

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Part numbers:

S-ISO15540-M006-04-OR, S-ISO15540-M010-06-OR, S-ISO15540-M011-07-OR, S-ISO15540-M013-08-OR, S-ISO15540-M015-09-OR, S-ISO15540-M016-10-OR, S-ISO15540-M019-12-OR, S-ISO15540-M022-14-OR, S-ISO15540-M025-16-OR, S-ISO15540-M029-18-OR, S-ISO15540-M032-20-OR, S-ISO15540-M035-22-OR, S-ISO15540-M038-24-OR, S-ISO15540-M041-26-OR, S-ISO15540-M044-28-OR, S-ISO15540-M048-30-OR, S-ISO15540-M051-32-OR, S-ISO15540-M057-36-OR, S-ISO15540-M064-40-OR, S-ISO15540-M067-42-OR, S-ISO15540-M070-44-OR, S-ISO15540-M073-46-OR, S-ISO15540-M076-48-OR, S-ISO15540-M083-52-OR, S-ISO15540-M089-56-OR, S-ISO15540-M095-60-OR, S-ISO15540-M102-64-OR, S-ISO15540-M114-72-OR, S-ISO15540-M127-80-OR

S-ISO15540-M006-04-BK, S-ISO15540-M010-06-BK, S-ISO15540-M011-07-BK, S-ISO15540-M013-08-BK, S-ISO15540-M015-09-BK, S-ISO15540-M016-10-BK, S-ISO15540-M019-12-BK, S-ISO15540-M022-14-BK, S-ISO15540-M025-16-BK, S-ISO15540-M029-18-BK, S-ISO15540-M032-20-BK, S-ISO15540-M035-22-BK, S-ISO15540-M038-24-BK, S-ISO15540-M041-26-BK, S-ISO15540-M044-28-BK, S-ISO15540-M048-30-BK, S-ISO15540-M051-32-BK, S-ISO15540-M057-36-BK, S-ISO15540-M064-40-BK, S-ISO15540-M067-42-BK, S-ISO15540-M070-44-BK, S-ISO15540-M073-46-BK, S-ISO15540-M076-48-BK, S-ISO15540-M083-52-BK, S-ISO15540-M089-56-BK, S-ISO15540-M095-60-BK, S-ISO15540-M102-64-BK, S-ISO15540-M114-72-BK, S-ISO15540-M127-80-BK
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