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Braided E-Type Fiberglass Hermetic Sleeve - Small Diameter AWG Size Wire Protection - with high-crosslinked acrylic copolymer

High Temperature, Heat & Flame Resistant and Thermal Insulating

266°F / 130°C Continuous Exposure: Higher Intermittent

This high temperature and heat resistant braided hermetic fiberglass (fibreglass / glassfibre) sleeve, fabricated from high quality E-Type fiberglass filaments that will not burn and has been saturated with a high-crosslinked modified acrylic copolymer.  It will withstand continuous exposure to temperatures of 266°F / 130°C. It provides excellent protection for wires and wiring in hermetically sealed refrigeration compressor units.

Resistant to hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) refrigerants (R-22 and R-123) along with new hydroflourocarbon (HFC) refrigerants such as R-134a.  Compatible with mineral-oil lubricants such as Suniso 3-G, along with synthetic polyol-ester lubricants such as Icematic SW100 and alkylbenzene oils such as ZEROL 150.  This sleeve performs well with solvents such as methylene chloride, toluene, xylene and 1,1,1 trichlorethane.

This sleeve has been designed specifically for hermetic electric motors as its extremely low extraction levels of soluble materials protects against contamination and clogging within the compressor.

Conforms to NEMA TF-1, Type 2 and ASTM-D372.

Fiberglass Braided Hermetic Sleeve Wire size

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S-FG-AHE Braided Fiberglass Hermetic Sleeve with High Crosslinked Acrylic Copolymer - AWG size for wire protection
AWG Wire Sized Small Diameter Sleeve
Small Diameter Braided Fiberglass Hermetic sleeve with high-crosslinked Acrylic for AWG wire sized protection. Full spools only.
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