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Firesleeve with Zipper Closure

High Temperature, Heat & Flame Resistant Protection for Wire, Cables, Hoses and Tubing with Zipper Closure

500°F / 260°C Continuous Exposure
800°F / 426°C Short Term Exposure
2200°F / 1205°C Excursions
3000°F / 1650°C Peak Exposure

ZipSleeveTM high temperature, heat resistant and thermal insulation sleeve provides molten splash & weld splatter protection to wires, cables, hoses, tubes and pipes.  ZipSleeveä provides a field installable protection sleeve utilizing a nomex zipper with brass teeth instead of Velcro closure strips.

ZipSleeve can endure the most demanding of liquid metal splash and heavy weld splatter and may be more suitable than a hook and loop closure for some applications.. This sleeve also provides energy savings and personnel protection.

Available in standard sizes from 1" through 12" ID; custom sizes are available.

The standard maximum length of a zipper is 50 feet / 15 metres.  Longer zippers up to 150 feet / 45 metres are possible, but will incur minimum order quantities.

Meets 14 CFR 25.869(a)(4); Appendix F, Part 1(b)(7) (60-degree flammability Test).

Firesleeve zipper closure

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Firesleeve with Zipper Closure
Firesleeve with zipper closure allows the sleeve to be installed and removed at will. Pricing is by-the-foot in a continuous length. For example for a 14 foot length make the order quantity 14. Color Oxide-red or Black. Sizes larger than 5" ID have a sewn seam. For other colors or lengths call our order desk.
$ 0.00
Part numbers:

S-FS-ZC-M025-16, S-FS-ZC-M029-18, S-FS-ZC-M032-20, S-FS-ZC-M035-22, S-FS-ZC-M038-24, S-FS-ZC-M041-26, S-FS-ZC-M044-28, S-FS-ZC-M048-30, S-FS-ZC-M051-32, S-FS-ZC-M057-36, S-FS-ZC-M064-40, S-FS-ZC-M067-42, S-FS-ZC-M070-44, S-FS-ZC-M073-46, S-FS-ZC-M076-48, S-FS-ZC-M083-52, S-FS-ZC-M089-56, S-FS-ZC-M095-60, S-FS-ZC-M102-64, S-FS-ZC-M114-72, S-FS-ZC-M127-80, S-FS-ZC-M133-84, S-FS-ZC-M140-88, S-FS-ZC-M146-92, S-FS-ZC-M152-96, S-FS-ZC-M159-100, S-FS-ZC-M165-104, S-FS-ZC-M171-108, S-FS-ZC-M178-112, S-FS-ZC-M184-116, S-FS-ZC-M191-120, S-FS-ZC-M197-124, S-FS-ZC-M203-128, S-FS-ZC-M210-132, S-FS-ZC-M216-136, S-FS-ZC-M222-140, S-FS-ZC-M229-144

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