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Braided Nomex® sleeve for wire cable & hose protection

High Temperature, Heat & Flame Resistant and Thermal Insulating

450°F / 232°C Continuous Exposure: Higher Intermittent

FlameShieldä high temperature and heat resistant Nomex® sleeve is fabricated from high quality yarns that will not burn and will withstand continuous exposure to temperatures of 450°F / 232°C. (Melting/disintegration temperature of 662°F / 350°C) provides excellent protection for industrial wires, cables, hoses (hydraulics), tube and pipes and also provides thermal insulation and personnel protection.

This high temperature sleeve / heat resistant sleeve resists most acids and alkalis and is unaffected by most bleaches and solvents.  It is highly flexible and conformable.

Product Group Code: S-NMX

nomex braided sleeve

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Nomex Braided Sleeve
Nomex sleeve is soft, pliable, highly flexible . Heat resistant to 662F / 350C. Sleeve ID is nominal allowing for some expansion or contraction to suit the application. Available in Natural and Green.
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Part Numbers:
S-NMX-0.125-M003-02-25-NT, S-NMX-0.250-M006-04-25-NT, S-NMX-0.312-M008-05-25-NT, S-NMX-0.375-M010-06-25-NT, S-NMX-0.500-M013-08-25-NT, S-NMX-0.625-M016-10-25-NT, S-NMX-0.750-M019-12-25-NT, S-NMX-1.000-M025-16-25-NT, S-NMX-1.250-M032-20-25-NT, S-NMX-1.250-M032-20-25-NT, S-NMX-1.500-M038-24-25-NT, S-NMX-1.750-M044-28-25-NT

S-NMX-0.125-M003-02-100-NT, S-NMX-0.250-M006-04-100-NT, S-NMX-0.312-M008-05-100-NT, S-NMX-0.375-M010-06-100-NT, S-NMX-0.500-M013-08-100-NT, S-NMX-0.625-M016-10-100-NT, S-NMX-0.750-M019-12-100-NT, S-NMX-1.000-M025-16-100-NT, S-NMX-1.250-M032-20-100-NT, S-NMX-1.500-M038-24-100-NT, S-NMX-1.750-M044-28-100-NT

S-NMX-0.125-M003-02-25-GN, S-NMX-0.250-M006-04-25-GN, S-NMX-0.312-M008-05-25-GN, S-NMX-0.375-M010-06-25-GN, S-NMX-0.500-M013-08-25-GN, S-NMX-0.625-M016-10-25-GN, S-NMX-0.750-M019-12-25-GN, S-NMX-1.000-M025-16-25-GN, S-NMX-1.250-M032-20-25-GN, S-NMX-1.500-M038-24-25-GN, S-NMX-1.750-M044-28-25-GN

S-NMX-0.125-M003-02-100-GN, S-NMX-0.250-M006-04-100-GN, S-NMX-0.312-M008-05-100-GN, S-NMX-0.375-M010-06-100-GN, S-NMX-0.500-M013-08-100-GN, S-NMX-0.625-M016-10-100-GN, S-NMX-0.750-M019-12-100-GN, S-NMX-1.000-M025-16-100-GN, S-NMX-1.250-M032-20-100-GN, S-NMX-1.500-M038-24-100-GN, S-NMX-1.750-M044-28-100-GN

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